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  • 2/18/2016

    YA Books Podcast Series

    Check out a few of our authors interviewed on the YA Books Podcast Series including Sharon Ahern on Feb 18, 2016, Rich Meyrick on Feb 2, 2016, and Robert Raynor on Dec 10, 2015.  +Read More

  • 2/23/2015

    Haunted by Memories: Fiume – the Lost River - Venture Galleries

    A review of Fiume – the Lost River by Caleb Pirtle III of the Literary Blog Venture Galleries.  +Read More

  • 11/29/2014

    The Empty Book Trailer Thom Reese Interview

    Author Thom Reese discusses his latest novel, THE EMPTY.  +Read More

  • 11/10/2014

    A Character Interview with Beatrice Szabo from FIUME – THE LOST RIVER plus a conversation with author Branka Čubrilo!

    Today, we’re doing something a little different. If you remember, we interviewed Christi Williams’ character on October 8th and it was so fun that I thought we may as well make an occasional habit of it.  +Read More

  • 7/16/2014

    Thom Reese Book Signing

    Book Signing this weekend with author Tom Reese. Begins at 11a-1pm at Avery's Coffee Shop. 9440 W. Sahara Avenue Ste. 145, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117.  +Read More

  • 7/11/2014

    Meet Branka Cubrilo

    I am a novelist, short story writer and occasional poetess. I have written 8 books and published 5 in Europe, UK and USA. I write historical fiction, psychological dramas, family sagas and I've written a book of Memoirs.  +Read More

  • 7/10/2014

    Spotlight on Branka Cubrilo

    I had the pleasure of meeting Branka at the Lunch with Writers event. She struck me as someone similar to me, a multicultural person with a love of languages, fearlessly exploring new themes in her writing.  +Read More

  • 6/25/2014

    Book of the Week: Fiume - The Lost River

    Fiume–The Lost River by author Branka Cubrilo has been given the Book of the Week award for June 22, 2014 at  +Read More

  • 5/23/2014

    Flowers for Bill O'Reilly

    ONLY $1.99 A Memorial Day favorite – "Flowers for Bill O'Reilly" by NEW YORK TIMES BEST-SELLING author Max Alllan Collins. In stores now!  +Read More

  • 4/14/2014

    Mary K Johnson eBook at a Special Price

    "Straight from the Heart" a collection of poems by Mary K. Johnson ONLY $0.99 at Barnes & Noble and other online book stores.  +Read More

  • 3/14/2014

    Jerry Kennealy is Chasing the Devil...

    WHEN YOU CHASE THE DEVIL, YOU RISK CATCHING HELL... CHASING THE DEVIL by Jerry Kennealy at at Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.  +Read More

  • 1/14/2014

    A Conversation with Branka Cubrilo

    Coming soon FIUME — THE LOST RIVER by Branka Cubrilo. Read A Conversation With Branka Cubrilo @  +Read More

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  • 3/18/2017
    Author Robert Randisi on Noir on the Radio
    Noir on the Radio host Greg Barth welcomes author Robert J. Randisi. Randisi is the creator and author of the long-running series THE GUNSMITH, which has currently passed 400 books as it continues to be published monthly.
    +Read More
  • 2/18/2016
    YA Books Podcast Series
    Check out a few of our authors interviewed on the YA Books Podcast Series including Sharon Ahern on Feb 18, 2016, Rich Meyrick on Feb 2, 2016, and Robert Raynor on Dec 10, 2015.
    +Read More

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